What causes foot neuroma?

  • Frequently wearing high heels
  • Flat or high-arched feet
  • Bunions (link to bunions page)
  • Hammer toe
  • Trauma or injury
  • High-impact sports (such as running or karate)

Manage Foot Pain Caused by Neuroma

A neuroma (commonly called a Morton’s neuroma or an interdigital neuroma) is an irritation and thickening of a nerve of the foot that can cause terrible pain. A neuroma can often be misdiagnosed and if not managed properly, will typically get worse. The main cause of a neuroma is from wearing shoe gear that is a little tight in the toe box and compresses the foot. Things like ski boots, skates and many dress shoes can be the culprits for this. In other cases, wearing shoes with poor support can set the stage for a neuroma. Trying to ignore the pain and push through it is not a good idea, as continuing to cause chronic irritation and inflammation to this injured nerve will only cause further swelling and pain and can ultimately cause permanent scarring and thickening of the nerve.

The first step in dealing with a neuroma is making sure to wear shoes with adequate room in the toebox. A good quality and properly fitting walking or running shoe should be a good place to start. Alternately icing the top and bottom of the forefoot at least twice daily can help to alleviate pain and decrease inflammation. If after a few weeks of ice therapy, significant pain persists, then orthotics with a prominent metatarsal pad are fit, while ice therapy is continued. If the orthotics and icing still don’t bring the neuroma pain under control, then we are looking at a case where the scarring around the nerve is likely significant and then we may have to consider a series of sclerosing injections, or surgery to remove the nerve.

If you are having terrible forefoot pain – especially when you a shoe that is a little snug, or when you walk without shoes around the house, or you’ve been diagnosed by your family doctor with a neuroma – come in and see us right away. We’ll take care of the awful pain of a neuroma and get you back to your active lifestyle again!


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