Reduce Discomfort & Prevent Infection

Ingrowing nails can range from a fairly minor nuisance to a limb and potentially life threatening infection. There are many different causes of ingrowing nails: a broad nail type, wearing shoes that are too tight in the toe box, nail fungus that causes the nail to become incurvated and trauma from sporting events or other injuries. Many patients suffer from chronic ingrowing nail issues because they are unaware that there is a permanent procedure that quickly and painlessly fixes ingrowing nails. In patients with diabetes or PVD, an ingrowing nail can easily evolve into a serious infection very rapidly.

Whether you have a chronic ingrowing nail that’s a nuisance that keeps recurring, or a draining infection that seems to be getting worse, your just a phone call away from a quick solution.

If the ingrown nail is severely infected, we can schedule a same day procedure, even after hours if its an emergent situation. Its as simple as calling the office.

What causes an ingrown toenail?

  • Cutting nails incorrectly
  • Irregular or curved nails
  • Pressure from tight footwear
  • Stubbed toes
  • Poor posture
  • Improper foot hygiene

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