About Foot Fungus

Fungal nails can cause great embarrassment and prevent one from wearing sandals and other open toed shoes and very often cause chronic ingrowing and other medical complications, increasing the risk and frequency of soft tissue infections.

Many people believe that fungal nails represent lack of good hygiene, however, fungal nails are caused by invasion of a nail with one of a few species of fungus called dermatophytes. These dermatophytes are normal inhabitants of the skin, but for various reasons, can become overpopulated and infect skin and nail tissue. Fungal nails are very common and occur in 10% of the overall population and 20% of 60 year-old’s.


Our Treatment Options

If your nails have become discoloured, thickened or have become misshapen and are either becoming ingrown or hard to cut, book an appointment to come and see us. There are numerous treatment options including oral/topical fungal medication and surgical options for more advanced infections. After assessing the presence of nail fungus and its severity, we will discuss what options are suitable for your needs.

So if your toenails are thick and discoloured, book an appointment with us today and pretty soon, you won’t be afraid to “show those toes”!

Unsure if you have fungus? Give us a call if you’re experiencing…

Yellowish or discoloured toenails

Buildup of pieces of skin and nail around and under the nail

Brittle or broken nails

Damaged or cracked nails

Soft, powdery nails

White spots or streaks on surface of nail

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