Compression socks & stockings can assist with your leg pain!

Foot Path has a wide range of compression stockings and socks suitable for all lifestyle requirements. From casual, everyday use, fitness grade for the healthy, active individual or medical grade for the medically specific requirements – Foot Path has been styles that will appeal to all tastes.

Casual Legwear - Everyday Use

Casual wear offers a durable, everyday sock with a comfortable feel, ideal for informal activities or casual attire. Fashion Forward styling which includes, herringbone and patterned argyle cotton socks and many more to promote healthy circulation, energize tired legs and ease swelling.

Active Legwear - Healthy Active Living

Active wear is specifically designed for men and women who want a comfortable sock that is soft, lightweight and breathable that will help improve blood flow and reduce swelling. Any Activity… Walking, Running, Baseball, active wear will keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

Medical Legwear - Medically Specific Purposes

Compression stockings, pantyhose and socks help control blood flow and fluid buildup in the legs and can be used either as a preventative measure or a treatment to deal with tired or aching legs, leg swelling (edema), varicose veins, spider veins, blood clotting (deep vein thrombosis) and other conditions. Many people who experience long periods of standing or sitting, are pregnant, suffer from poor blood circulation or fluid retention can benefit from the use of compression products to prevent or minimize the effects of these situations and conditions. Graduated compression stockings are designed to provide various levels of pressure on the legs beginning with the most pressure at the ankles and reducing in graduated steps along the length of the stockings with the least pressure at the top of the stocking. This graduated level of pressure along the leg enhances blood flow and minimizes swelling.

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